Our Tours.

Our small boat whale watching tours on the Gold Coast are limited to only 12 passengers, giving a personalised experience.

Small Boat Whale Watching Tour.

The whales and dolphins just love Reef Cat II, and often come over for a closer look due to her size. At 10m long and 3.5m wide, she is large enough for you to comfortably move around or sit back and take it all in, but she’s small enough to have you closer to the water, which means closer to the action!
Only $99


We leave from public pontoon at Muriel Henchman Drive, The Spit. This is located along Seaworld Drive. Click here for directions.

Yes there is free car parking. We recommend arriving early to find a car park. Make sure you read the car parking signs when you arrive and park in a designated car space.

It is unlikely but it is a boat tour so please wear appropriate clothes, Eg. a spray jacket that also protects you from the wind. Our vessel is quite sheltered and there is an enclosed cabin as well if you prefer to be indoors.

Regulations state that we can approach them as close as 100m however, the whales can come as close as they like to us. Due to the smaller size of our vessel, we often experience the whales curiously approaching the boat. If this happens we will put our engines in neutral, or turn them off and drift through the water allowing the whale to check us out. This is called “mugging”, or “being mugged by a whale”, and is one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Yes there is. We have a fully functioning toilet and hand washing facilities on our vessel Reef Cat II.

There are also public toilets at the departure point.

It can get cold on these trip so we recommend bringing a jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and drinking water (no glass please).

Whale Seasons starts in May each year and runs to October/November.

Between June and September, the whale numbers are the most and anytime really is great.

July often has the calmest sea conditions which helps a lot with whale watching.

In terms of time of day, there is really no consistency between mornings or afternoon. 

We definitely recommend taking medication 30 minutes before departure. Talk to a pharmacist for advice on what medication to purchase. We recommend Kwells, Travacalm HO or Travacalm Original. We do not recommend natural medicines or remedies as we’ve really never seen them work.

Please note that we do not have seasickness medication for sale. You have to bring your own.